Every College Football Watch Party in NYC

The Big Apple doesn’t disappoint when it comes to gameday watch parties. Saturdays in the fall mean fried wings, cheap beer, and dusting off that old jersey you’ve stuffed under the bed (because who has a closet in New York City?). But before you can relive your epic college debauchery and exercise foolhardy passion, you have to know where to find your people. Let this comprehensive list guide you (ideally to dorm-style beer pong, two-story beer bongs, and late-night stumbles home).


We get it Duke, you’re a basketball campus and you’re busy making money (or studying). But failing to put together a Saturday watch party just shows laziness and lack of dedication. Wall Street is watching, and it doesn’t look good. On the other hand, your snobby friends from UVA decided not sign a formal contract with one bar, and instead plan on rotating on a weekly basis. Because every bar in the city wants that huge crowd they bring for gameday Saturday, ya know?

Boston College
: Dewey’s Pub, 135 W 30th Street     Facebook icon

Clemson : The Liberty, 29 W 35th Street     Facebook icon  twitter icon  instagram icon

Duke : No official watch party.   Facebook icon

Florida State : Three Monkeys, 236 W 54th Street     Facebook icon  twitter icon  instagram icon

Georgia Tech : AWOL, 337 3rd Avenue   Facebook icon

Louisville : Printer’s Alley, 215 W 40th Street   Facebook icon    instagram icon

Miami : Brother Jimmy’s, 181 Lexington Avenue     Facebook icon  twitter icon  instagram icon

NC State: Brother Jimmy’s, 181 Lexington Avenue   Facebook icon

North Carolina : Slattery’s, 8 E 36th Street     Facebook icon  twitter icon  instagram icon

PITT : Durden Bar, 213 2nd Avenue     Facebook icon  twitter icon

Syracuse : Beer Authority, 300 W 40th Street      Facebook icon   instagram icon

Virginia : No Contract. See team page for weekly schedule.    Facebook icon  twitter icon  instagram icon

Virginia TechDewey’s Pub, 135 W 30th Street     Facebook icon  twitter icon  instagram icon

Wake Forest : Windfall, 23 W 39th Street     Facebook icon

Big Ten

With the exception of Minnesota holding back the group, the conference returning the best bowl record from a year ago looks to be well positioned for the upcoming season. Ohio State and Wisconsin carry multiple party locations, and most of the teams have secured exclusive contracts with their partner bar (meaning you won’t find a non-power conference fan base trying to steal seats at your place).

IllinoisScallywag’s, 508 9th Avenue     Facebook icon  twitter icon

Indiana : Reservoir Bar, 70 University Place    Facebook icon

IowaPlaywright Irish Pub, 27 W 35th Street     Facebook icon  instagram icon

MarylandAbbey Tavern, 354 3rd Avenue     Facebook icon   instagram icon

Michigan : Barleycorn, 23 Park Place     Facebook icon  twitter icon  instagram icon

Michigan StateJoshua Tree, 513 3rd Avenue; Blondies, 212 W 79th St     Facebook icon  twitter icon  instagram icon

Minnesota : No official watch party.     Facebook icon

NebraskaHudson Station, 440 9th Avenue     Facebook icon  twitter icon  instagram icon

NorthwesternBlondies, 212 W 79th Street     Facebook icon  twitter icon  instagram icon

Ohio StateIron Bar, 713 8th Avenue; Ainsworth Fidi, 121 Fulton Street    Facebook icon  twitter icon  instagram icon

Penn State : Proper West, 54 W 39th Street     Facebook icon  twitter icon  instagram icon

Purdue : 3 Sheets Saloon, 134 W 3rd Street     Facebook icon  twitter icon  instagram icon

RutgersMcGettigan’s, 70 W 36th Street     Facebook icon  twitter icon  instagram icon

Wisconsin : Mad River, 1442 3rd Avenue, The Grayson, 16 1st Avenue    Facebook icon  twitter icon

Big 12

Yep, we’re going to keep berating teams who can’t put together a watch party. In this case, we know it’s not the money deterring Baylor from locking down a contract. This past winter the IRS revealed tax filings paid out to two former Baylor employees, Art Briles and Kenneth Starr. The duo was paid roughly $20 million combined after both were fired in 2016 amid a sexual assault scandal involving the football team. Coach, send some of that paper over our way and we’ll get Baylor rolling with a watch party.

Baylor : No official watch party.      Facebook icon  twitter icon  instagram icon

Iowa StateFoley’s, 18 W 33rd Street     Facebook icon  twitter icon  instagram icon

KansasCornerstone Tavern, 961 2nd Avenue

Kansas StateSlattery’s, 8 E 36th Street     Facebook icon

Oklahoma : The Ainsworth-Midtown East, 45 E 33rd Street     Facebook icon  twitter icon  instagram icon

Oklahoma StateStillwater Bar & Grille, 78-80 E 4th Street     Facebook icon  twitter icon  instagram icon

TCU : Gramercy Ale House, 272 3rd Avenue     Facebook icon

Texas : Stout Grand Central, 60 E 41st Street    Facebook icon  twitter icon  instagram icon

Texas Tech : Mustang Harry’s, 352 7th Avenue     Facebook icon

West VirginiaJack Doyle’s, 240 W 35th Street     Facebook icon  twitter icon


There’s always one. However, this one doesn’t surprise us much. Stanford proclaims to be the Ivy League of the West, and honestly good for them. No one really cares, because it doesn’t exist. We are glass-half-full-type of people though, so let’s look at the bright side: Their Facebook page is offering free shakes for any Stanford alum who takes a Barry’s Bootcamp fitness class. See you there!

ArizonaLincoln Park, 867 9th Avenue     Facebook icon  twitter icon  instagram icon

Arizona State : John Sullivan’s, 210 W 35th Street     Facebook icon  twitter icon

CalThe Australian, 20 W 38th Street     Facebook icon

ColoradoThe Chelsea Bell, 316 8th Avenue     Facebook icon  twitter icon  instagram icon

OregonCentral Bar, 109 E 9th Street     Facebook icon  twitter icon  instagram icon

Oregon StateFinnerty’s, 221 2nd Avenue     Facebook icon

Stanford : No official watch party.     Facebook icon

UCLA : Clinton Hall, 90 Washington Street     Facebook icon  twitter icon  instagram icon

USCPennsylvania 6, 132 W 31st Street    Facebook icon  twitter icon

UtahThe Australian, 20 W 38th Street     Facebook icon  twitter icon

WashingtonFeile, 131 W 33rd Street     Facebook icon

Washington StatePlaywright Irish Pub, 27 W 35th Street


FINALLY. A real conference. We don’t even care now how much the SEC brags about being the best football conference in America. They like to drink beer, eat heart-attack-inducing fried foods, and cheer on their favorite teams with their college friends. Let’s all raise our glasses in celebration of a group we all aspire to be to.

AlabamaThe Ainsworth, 122 W 26th Street     Facebook icon  twitter icon  instagram icon

ArkansasGatsby’s, 53 Spring Street     Facebook icon  twitter icon  instagram icon

AuburnSt. Pat’s Bar & Grill, 22 W 46th Street     Facebook icon  twitter icon  instagram icon

FloridaSideBar, 118 E 15th Street; Tailor Public House, 505 8th Avenue    Facebook icon  twitter icon  instagram icon

GeorgiaAmerican Whiskey, 247 W 30th; McHale’s, 251 W 51st     Facebook icon  twitter icon  instagram icon

KentuckyJack Demsey’s, 36 W 33rd Street     Facebook icon  twitter icon  instagram icon

LSULegends Bar, 6 W 33rd Street

Ole MissOverlook, 225 E 44th Street     Facebook icon  twitter icon  instagram icon

Mississippi State: The Junction, 329 Lexington Avenue   Facebook icon  twitter icon

TennesseePrinter’s Alley, 215 W 40th Street    Facebook icon  twitter icon  instagram icon

Texas A&M: Clinton Hall 36, 16 W 36th Street   Facebook icon

MissouriRaise, 416 3rd Avenue     Facebook icon  twitter icon  instagram icon

South CarolinaMason Jar, 43 E 30th Street     Facebook icon  twitter icon  instagram icon

VanderbiltBlind Pig, 233 E 14th Street     Facebook icon  twitter icon  instagram icon

A League of Their Own

Putting together a watch party in the Big Apple is no small feat. Contracts with bars are competitive, and Manhattan is smaller than it’s made out to be. So, securing watch party real estate below 59th Street can be quite an adventure. On top of it all, you have to have gritty fans willing to relive their degenerate college Saturday’s each week. The following have battled through two-a-days, persevered through offseason conditioning, and have risen to the top of their respective conference fields to give you, the fans, a gameday watch party in NYC.

Bowling GreenBrother Jimmy’s, 181 Lexington Avenue

BuffaloDuke’s, 560 3rd Avenue

CincinnatiJoshua Tree, 513 3rd Avenue     Facebook icon

Colorado State: Dewey’s Pub, 135 W 30th Street   Facebook icon 

ConnecticutJack Demsey’s, 36 W 33rd Street     Facebook icon  twitter icon  instagram icon

East CarolinaProper West, 54 W 39th Street     Facebook icon

Florida AtlanticBrother Jimmy’s, 181 Lexington Avenue     Facebook icon

HoustonDewey’s Pub, 135 W 30th Street     Facebook icon

MarshallPeter Dillon’s, 130 E 40th Street

MemphisRogue, 757 6th Avenue     Facebook icon

NavyPoint Break, 12 W 45th Street

Notre DamePublic House, 140 E 41st Street     Facebook icon  twitter icon

SMUDuke’s, 560 3rd Avenue     Facebook icon

South Florida : Jack Demsey’s, 36 W 33rd Street   twitter icon  instagram icon

Temple : Shorty’s, 66 Madison Avenue   Facebook icon   instagram icon

Tulane : Duke’s, 560 3rd Avenue   Facebook icon  twitter icon  instagram icon

UCFCarragher’s Bar, 228 W 39th Street     Facebook icon   instagram icon

Wyoming Foley’s, 18 W 33rd Street    Facebook icon

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